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Hey, I am

A UX/UI Designer from the Dominican Republic, based in The Hague. I recently graduated from my UX Design bachelor's program!


I am passionate about improving the lives of others through design and I'm always eager to learn new things every day. 

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I express my creativity in many different ways such as through photography, filmmaking, voice acting and video gaming.

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Creating an intuitive system that facilitates and motivates users to work on their well-being

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Most recent project | Graduation project



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Brand identityDesign

Creating a memorable identity that stands out among competitors and catches people's attention.

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Website re-design

Re-designing a website in a professional new light in regards to aesthetics and functionality.


QR Code Project

Creating a new educational and interactive experience for organic fruit consumers.

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Content Creation

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The following videos are all directed and produced by me. The scripts were written by my client and revised by me. I did most of the cinematography, but I had help from Juan Rafael Hernandez for the drone footage and some film work was done by Luisa Henriquéz. I also did the voice-overs and editing.