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Company Identity Re-design

Peace Leaf was looking for someone who someone that is visionary, creative and up-to-date with current trends. Someone who shares the same beliefs as the company. Understands the mission and vision of the client.

The goal was to expand and develop the brand presence of Peace Leaf Tobacco L.L.C. a start-up tobacco selling company.


Identity Designer


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__My Focus

Expand and develop the new brand presence of Peace Leaf Tobacco


Design a company identity that represents their values and that young adults can identify with.

My client, a close acquaintance of mine, approached me with her idea to sell rolling tobacco leaves. When she came to me, she had only the logo shown above. She was targeting young adults, those who went to festivals and raves, in The United States. The challenge became about marketing towards that specific age group.

__Personal Ambitions

My objective with this project was to become comfortable with communicating my ideas to my client. A personal challenge that came with this project was how to balance friendship while making sure we work in a professional environment where my ideas were heard and valued.


As a secondary objective, I wanted to improve my design and pitching skills. When I worked on this project I haven’t been able to find clients on my own, or have been able to talk to clients one-on-one. Most of the clients I had were introduced to me by the university, so at the time I did not have any practice with reciting my ideas.

__My Process


I started my process by asking my client the values of her company and what she wanted the company to represent. I asked her about what target groups she had in mind and if there is a certain aesthetic she was interested in.

What sets them apart

Artboard – 3.png

Leaning about how they want to be percieved.

Inspiration boards

I asked my client to sen me images that represent the feel of her company. I then combined the different elements my client mentioned and sent me onto one page.

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 16.16.37.png

Researching The Competitors

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 16.41.50.png

Realising the competitors were targeting an older generation. Designs were outdated and very "busy".


Sketching and creating first versions

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 16.47.18.png

Narrowing down the ideas

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 16.50.26.png

Final Concept

Package Design

Free Photorealistic Cardboard Package Box Mockup PSD.png

Additional Designs

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